Creepers are a shoe you either love or hate. I think people with a more girly style probably won't wear them but for me I really like them. If I had the money to splash out I would definitely buy some (some with a generally tiny platform though). You could wear them with skinnies, leggings or tights. They such an awesome winter shoe!

Take a look at some style inspiration with the creeper shoes below! Tell me if you like them!

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Major colour trend this winter is wine/blood red. I love it, I've already bought a top and a pork pie hat in this colour! I think it's a really warm yet stylish colour for the winter. Just a simple piece of your outfit with this colour would make it on trend for the winter. I found some great examples of it below for inspiration!

P.s Dissertation and loads of uni work is taking up all of my time argh!

Love Rachel x

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At the moment I am loving the kind of early 90's look of the high waisted skinny jeans. To be honest I don't think I could pull them off myself but I still love the look! I would try and get some vintage Levis ones, I think they always look the best! Pictures below.

Also (totally unrelated), I went to see Bon Iver last night, I was right at the front and I got some amazing videos, was really the best band I've ever seen live!


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I love love love things with a trim of leopard print, like on the collars on shirts or on denim jackets for example. I've seen some amazing denim jackets with a big leopard print cross on the back which looked great. I just bought a vintage shirt from eBay that I adore, with the leopard trim! I can't wait to get it! It is in the picture below!

You could get this look by buying some leopard print material and cutting it down to fit your collar and cuffs for example (I really want to do it on a denim jacket) and then sewing it to the jacket!