Found this girls style absolutely amazing. Here is her page lookbook. So she is getting Look of the Week this week.

I love her oversized t-shirt, teamed with bright shorts with a backpack which are all on trend. Love this look! Opinions?



So I'm sitting here alone on a Saturday night (boo) and I was wondering what to do my next blog post on. I couldn't really think of any trends that I haven't already blogged about that I could feature so I thought I would show you what is currently on my Topshop wish list :)

1. Fleetwood Mac slouchy jumper, I thought this would be cosy for winter at uni.
2. Leopard print ankle boots- definitely need some of these!
3. Black coated shorts. Debating whether to get these. Think I might get some high-waisted leather shorts from eBay instead...
4. Leopard print jumper
5. Faux leather panel leggings

What do you think I should buy this month?

Rachel x



As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I finally got some Topshop Allegra boots. I really really wanted them so I had to get them! (I don't think I've ever spent £75 on a pair of shoes before!) I think they sold out online the day after they came back in stock... They are great for day time and night time, so I don't think I'm ever going to take them off!

The allegras, in my opinion, are the best of the chelsea boot trend coming back for autumn/winter. There is absolutely loads of chelsea boots in all of the high street shops at the moment, which is perfect for the autumn/winter months!

Below are pictures of my beautiful shoes plus some other photos I found of some ways to wear chelsea boots :) Tell me what you think of the chelsea boot trend!

1. Topshop(Available in Tan & Black aswell)
2. Topshop
3. Topshop
4. Bertie @ASOS
6. Bertie @ASOS (Like the Allegras but a little more pricey)

<3 Rachel x



Sorry I haven't had chance to update my blog over the weekend! Oops! Anyway I thought since its getting colder and pretty much nearly winter in the UK I thought I'd dedicate this blog post to winter knits.

I've always loved a good thick jumper for winter, especially geeky print ones. But now knitted leggings are in also! I have a grey pair. You can get a variety of colours from Primark!

Below I found some cool photos from lookbook.nu as an example of what to buy and how to wear knitwear.

Also I have been on an online shopping spree recently (bye bye money) and I got loads of random stuff PLUS Topshop Allegra boots! Wooo! They are finally back in stock so I had to get them! I don't usually wear anything with a heel during the day but I think these are perfect for day and night since they are not too high!

1. Topshop fisherman jumper
2. New Look - Boxy Knitted jumper
3. New Look Cable knit jumper
4. Fairisle knit leggings eBay.
5. Princes Vintage knitwear (Check out the mens jumpers aswell)
6. Princes Vintage

Personally I think the best place to get a cool looking jumper/cardigan is from charity shops or eBay :)



A model I've been noticing for the past few months for her style and her look is Australian 21 year old, Bambi Northwood-Blyth. I love her massive brows and her nose ring that she sometimes has in! I think I love her for her awesome fashion style than anything else.

I found some pictures of her that show her style below.

Also I'm going back to uni next month for my final year! :( So I really need to start my dissertation prep, but I seriously don't have any motivation to do it whatsoever, I'm still in summer holiday mode! Ahh!

Rachel x



A trend I've seen a lot of lately is aztec and tribal print clothes and accessories. I really love the kind of 'hippy' look you can put together with some of the pieces I've come across. I'm really wanting this backpack and these moccasins for when I go back to uni in October!

Here are some looks I found of the aztec and tribal trend!

P.S Really jealous of anyone attending fashion week! Grr

Rachel x

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Here is this weeks 'Look of the Week'! Better late than never :) I saw this look on Lookbook.nu recently and I fell in love with the girly skirt mixed with the grungy t-shirt with those amazing spiked leopard print shoe boots!

Rachel xo



So I've just got back from going for a quick shop around the new and massive Primark near where I live. I was really surprised at all the great stuff they had in! Plus they have lots and lots of corduroy! I really wanted to buy loads of stuff but I only came back with a corduroy jacket, which I love but its a bit cropped so I can't decide whether to keep it! I also got a tribal bracelet and another cross necklace!

Moving on, Crazy Angel kindly sent me some fake tan with a body scrub to try out. I'm not wearing fake tan at the moment, but when winter comes I will definitely try it out. Take a look at the brand here.

In unrelated news I've just downloaded the new Drums album and the new Bombay Bicycle Club album and I'm loving them, proper summer feel to them :)

Rachel xx



A trend I am loving right now is corduroy! Skinny corduroy trousers, shorts, skirts and jackets are amazing! I found some inspiration on how to wear corduroy in the pictures below :)

On Friday when I get paid I'm definitely getting some cords! I think everyone should get some corduroy trousers for the winter :) - I would recommend looking on eBay for some cheap Levis ones first, you might be able to get a bargain.

Also I've been wanting the Topshop Allegra boots that I first saw on LLYMLRS and stupidly I walked past them in the shop several times debating whether to get them or not... now they are sold out everywhere and they are going for about £130 on eBay when they are only worth £75!! I decided I reallly want them! Argh!

1. All Topshop
3. Love these from eBay, so be quick!
More from eBay here

Love Rachel x



Found this pic and I couldn't resist showing it! This girls style is exactly like mine. I love everything shes wearing from her leather jacket to her creepers!

I found some lookalike items that you could get to copy this look below :) You could change it up a bit and go for black high-waisted denim shorts with a blue denim shirt instead of the checkered shirt underneath the leather jacket... I'm loving double denim at the moment :)

1. The Ragged Priest (Pricey but amazing jacket)
2. River Island
3. Urban Outfitters
4. Topshop

Rachel xx



Here is this weeks 'Look of the week'... The model Erin Wasson dresses down with some simple yet cool pieces. I love the blazer and the oversized vest with a load of rings and necklaces!

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