A trend I really like at the moment is collars. I think wearing a simple white shirt with a black collar or a collar over a jumper for example is a really stand out piece for the next few months.

I found some really great inspiration for this look in the pictures below. I am going to invest in a white shirt with a black collar soon I think!

Click pics for credit xx



Since Halloween is round the corner I wanted to show you what my outfit ideas are. I'm basically going as a vampire, but like a modern one not an old school Dracula one! I did it last year so I'm getting some yellowish contact lenses and I'm cutting some false nails and cutting them down and shaping them to look like two fangs then sticking them on my teeth with nail glue (not recommended but it did look good!) they are easy to get off afterwards! (picture below)

I was thinking of maybe a dribble of fake blood from one side of my mouth aswell and fake blood on my hands etc and red lipstick maybe? But I'm totally not sure on what to wear! Possibly some sort of white shirt buttoned up to the top from a charity shop or Primark? Any ideas? Remember I will be wearing heels and stuff so I don't want to do the whole vampire cape, think Twilight not Dracula! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Happy Halloween!

Rachel xx



I've been really busy with uni (final year and all!) so I haven't had much chance to blog! I am going to get posts ready to go I just need to find some time, which I will do asap! For now heres a pic of me at uni grafting very very hard ;) haha




I love the fairisle print, especially since last winter when it first appeared on my radar. It is such a wintery print which I absolutely adore. It can be on jumpers, vests, leggings etc! I know Primark do some fairisle leggings right now. Also I find loads of vintage stuff on eBay like oversized fairisle patterned jumpers.

Also sorry for the lack of posting lately, since I've started uni again I don't have an enormous amount of free time for blogging because of all the work I have to do, but I will definitely keep blogging just not as much! :(



Since I did a Topshop wishlist the other day, I thought I should do another wishlist from one of my favourite shops, Urban Outfitters.

I'm loving tribal print at the moment and the kind of festival/hippy look and patterns.
When I get my student loan (hopefully tomorrow... Hello last year of uni!) I will definitely be getting a couple of these things below!

1. Silence + Noise Ponte Biker Trousers
2. Renewal Burgundy 501® Overdyed Denim Shorts
3. Ecote Ombre Sweater
4. Boy London Andy Warhol Photographic Tee
5. Sparkle & Fade Aztec Open Cardigan
6. Woven Navajo Backpack
7. Minnetonka Tan El Paso Moccasins