I finally jumped on the bandwagon and dip dyed my hair... or made it look that way. Since I was already blonde, and I wanted it to go brown to blonde I had to dye the top half of my hair brown, it looks pretty good! Here a pic - Sorry about the crappy webcam quality...

A proper post will be coming tomorrow!



I went shopping on Friday and I came back with this dinosaur jumper from Topshop! I love a geeky jumper! In the photo I've put it with my new cross necklace from Urban Outfitters and my vintage boots that I got from eBay a couple of days ago.

Since its a bank holiday weekend I should be going out tonight but I don't know whether to, I have nothing to wear and I'm still a little bit hungover from last night! Eeek! I neeeed some new heels and a new going out dress!

P.S Still a little on edge about hearing the results of the Look Show blogging competition, lets hope I made the cut!

Love Rach xx



As promised I've found a look that I think is amazing, hence why it is 'Look of the week'. I absolutley love this, she puts together the current trends really well, for example crosses and animal print.

Click image for credit

Love Rachel xx



Tie dye clothing, I think its one of those things where you love it or hate it. Personally I love it. I recently bought a vintage tie dye t-shirt which I love.

We can hold onto the summer and team a tie dye t-shirt with some denim shorts or if were feeling more of the autumn coming on you could get some tie dye leggings with a plain tee or shirt with some shoe boots to finish off the look. I found some of my favourite tie dye looks and pieces below.

Finally, I've decided once a week I am going to post a photo that I've found of an amazing look/outfit and call the post 'LOOK OF THE WEEK'. (It will probably be tomorrow or Friday, this week) I think it will give my blog some consistence. Also I want to thank LOOK magazine again for putting me into their shortlist in their blogging competition. I can't even believe it! Wish me luck getting into the top 5!

I've found some tie dye stuff that you can buy, just click on the links below to see what I've found. I think they all look great!

Topshop leggings
Dip dye Levi Shorts from The Ragged Priest
Asos shorts

P.S The clothes I ordered have come in the post today (minus the boots) and I'm not really sure on them yet apart from the Urban Outfitters cross necklace. The Topshop jumpers are nice, but I can't decide, and the same for the burgundy leggings, they are nice but I'm a bit unsure!! Argh!

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I am very very tired. After finding out I was in the Top 20 of the LOOK Magazines blogging competition and I could be in a chance of winning all of this, I couldn't sleep due to the excitement! We find out on Tuesday whos made the final cut... fingers crossed!

I went online shopping on Friday and bought myself these in the image below. They are all quite simple but I think teamed with the right pair of boots or heels and the right accessories it can look great. I got two of the same (but different colours) half sleeve top from Topshop, which can be found here and here.. Also from Topshop I got some burgundy leggings, they haven't arrived yet but I'm always scared of leggings being see-through, so hopefully they aren't. There is nothing worse than seeing someone with see-through leggings on!

Finally I bought some vintage Red or Dead shoe boots from eBay, I got them for £24 plus p&p, which isn't bad considering I love them! I also got a cross necklace from Urban Outfitters which I think will make the outfit when wearing these together, varying from the grey top to the black.

Love Rachel x



After entering the LOOK Magazine bloggers competition, I've just found out that I'm in the Top 20! Over 300 bloggers entered! It was a bit of a shock after checking out the stiff competition! I am so excited! Lets hope I can make it to the final 5 so I can be on the front row of the Look Show!

I actually can't believe it!! Yay!

Check out the article here!



Yesterday I went to a welcome home party for my friends that went travelling all over America and Australia. She brought back some American flag print Jeffrey Campbell heels, she let me try them on with my Topshop USA print socks, I think they look awesome!! They are so hard to walk in though! I think I'm going to get some black Jeffrey Campbell's when I can afford them!

Heres a pic!



I am actually in love with hats such as bowlers or fisherman hats like this one and hair accessories, like a cute flower headband. Over the summer we've seen a lot of headbands/hats going on, mostly because of them being girly and summery.

I've found some amazing looks featuring headbands and hats that I think are amazing. I usually buy headbands off eBay as there are loads of stuff exactly like you can buy from the high street for a fraction of the price!

Also I'm going for a big shop on Friday, I might come back with some stuff I can blog x

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I remember the first time I got handed a LOOK Magazine, I was walking out of WHSmith and I got given your first ever issue for free!! When I read it I knew I would be buying it regularly from then on. It features everything I would love my blog to feature fashion & celebrity style inspiration wise. But before I start telling you why I belong on the front row of The Look Show in September, please listen to this song below, as it is Monday, and nowhere near the weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to feature a happy song to get your mood up - Check out the saucy 80's tash going on.

So where do I start? Well, I’m Rachel. I’m twenty years old and a final year media student. I have some goals for where I want my blog (and career) to go. However all I know for sure is that I love to inspire people with their outfit choices and I generally enjoy blogging and finding new trends and styles to feature within. I aim to make my blog the place to go for style inspirations. I aim to feature my outfits, celebs outfits and stylish trends that I think are in and put them in my blog for people to see and admire. Now for why I want to be blogging on the front row of The Look Show...

Put it this way, I would be extremely disappointed if I didn’t get this opportunity. Basically because I love trends, style, celebrity and everything in between and I feel like Fame Kills shows this. If I didn’t win I would literally be like the second guy in this...

That is actually how I cry... Moving on, on a serious note, I really do adore anything to do with clothes and new trends. I know my own style and I keep up to date with new trends via magazines such as Look (of course) and through Lookbook.nu and style.com plus many others. Sadly I don’t think I own a piece of expensive designer clothing (get the violins out) but to be honest, even if I was excessively rich, I don’t think I would be out of the high street shops.

So onto my blog. I basically started it because I felt I needed some achievement or something to put on my CV that showed I was committed and an avid fashion fan. But it is so much more now, I feel like it is definitely going somewhere in the future and hopefully LOOK will put me on the front row and give me this amazing opportunity. It would make me as happy as this, if not one hundred times more.

Just to top this entry off, I felt it was necessary to make a couple of little 'magazine' pages of why I should win this blogging competition and also some celeb style inspiration. Read it and hopefully it will convince you of how much I would love this chance to be blogging from the front row of The LOOK Show!!! I'm excited. Click the pictures for a bigger view!

Love Rachel x



So as I've been saying for the past few posts, I'm STILL working on my Look Magazine blog competition entry! I'm trying to make it a little bit different and creative so I stand out. Could go completely wrong though haha! My next blog post will most likely be that one.

Here are some key looks that I saw that I think look great. I couldn't resist putting up the 'One man wolfpack' t-shirt look! I can't resist a boyish t-shirt sometimes! Topshop do a few which I love at the moment, when I get paid I will definitely be getting one :)

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I don't think denim will ever go out of style completely but I wanted to show you some cool ways to wear it. Personally I love high-waisted denim shorts in all sorts of colours! I have cream, light blue, dark blue and a black pair! Denim sleeveless jackets I also love at the moment as well. Below I've put some denim style inspirations that I think are awesome.

On another note, It is really sad to hear whats happening in London & other cities, with the pointless riots. Thankfully it hasn't hit my area as I live in a small town in the North, but it is disgusting to think idiotic people are rioting and destroying things they need and peoples homes. I hope it gets sorted out.

Rachel x

P.S STILL working on an idea for a blog post for the Look Magazine blogging competition!

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I've been routing around other blogs recently and getting a feel for what I like to see in blogs and I've come to the conclusion that I love seeing what people are wearing and buying. I think it definitely inspires me to buy something like that if I like what I see. So I took the plunge and photographed what I was wearing before (and after) I went shopping on a glorious and rare sunny day!

I came back with a few things which included a Sleeveless black faux leather jacket from Primark, I've been hunting for one of these for ages, I was tempted to buy one for about £50 a couple of months ago but I told myself I couldn't afford it! But now I've found one which looks just as good for £16! Yay!

I also picked up some tan mocassins also from Primark and some American flag print socks from Topshop that I could wear with boots. I said I would get some didn't I?! :)

Well I'm having a hard think of what to include in my Look Magazine competition blog post. I want it to be creative but also to show what my blog is all about and where I would like it to go in the future. Wish me luck!

P.S Sorry about the mirror took photos! I intend to get a place to take photos of my outfits soon or someone to take them if I decide to feature my outfits anymore! x

Cardigan - Primark (Small mens). Drop arm hole vest - Topshop. Necklace - Matalan, Lace Shorts - Topshop. Boots - Urban Outfitters.

Rachel x



Sooo there is a Look magazine blogging competition and the prizes are immense! In the next week I'm going to work on a blog post for it so I can enter, hopefully it is creative/good enough to be considered to win. But as my blog is relatively new, I'm not sure it stands a good enough chance against some other more established blogs! But hey, it is worth a try! If you have any ideas of what my blog needs to give it a bit of a spark please let me know in the comments or via Twitter.

Well another style I'm loving at the moment is animal print, its been around and made its comeback this summer. I have seen loads of stuff in Topshop and a little bit of animal print here and there on the high street. I am searching for some budget leopard print wedged heels at the moment! It is a trend I'm loving right now. I found some gorgeous examples of how to wear animal print below...

Click the images for credit

Love Rachel xx



At the moment I am loving the cross trend. I'm seeing them on t-shirts, shorts and jewellery. I bought a double cross ring from Urban Outfitters a while ago but it has turned bronze :| but anyway I do intend to get some sort of cross pendant necklace, it is a piece of jewellery that you could probably wear with anything. You can get some leopard print cross t-shirts from Urban Outfitters as well which I think look great. Below I've put a selection of my favourite photos of the cross trend in action.

In other news, I am currently in the middle of writing my cover letter and my CV for any magazine work experience or professional online blogging experience (or something along those lines!). I'm going into my last year of university now and it is pretty vital for me to get some work experience! Eek!

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