Since Halloween is round the corner I wanted to show you what my outfit ideas are. I'm basically going as a vampire, but like a modern one not an old school Dracula one! I did it last year so I'm getting some yellowish contact lenses and I'm cutting some false nails and cutting them down and shaping them to look like two fangs then sticking them on my teeth with nail glue (not recommended but it did look good!) they are easy to get off afterwards! (picture below)

I was thinking of maybe a dribble of fake blood from one side of my mouth aswell and fake blood on my hands etc and red lipstick maybe? But I'm totally not sure on what to wear! Possibly some sort of white shirt buttoned up to the top from a charity shop or Primark? Any ideas? Remember I will be wearing heels and stuff so I don't want to do the whole vampire cape, think Twilight not Dracula! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Happy Halloween!

Rachel xx


  1. cool!! i love this!! Happy Halloween!!
    Hope you have a good one!

    Check out mine if you'd like!


  2. Yous look lush. Those berry velvet shorts are lush x

  3. love the blouse and shorts, great combo!