So I've just got back from going for a quick shop around the new and massive Primark near where I live. I was really surprised at all the great stuff they had in! Plus they have lots and lots of corduroy! I really wanted to buy loads of stuff but I only came back with a corduroy jacket, which I love but its a bit cropped so I can't decide whether to keep it! I also got a tribal bracelet and another cross necklace!

Moving on, Crazy Angel kindly sent me some fake tan with a body scrub to try out. I'm not wearing fake tan at the moment, but when winter comes I will definitely try it out. Take a look at the brand here.

In unrelated news I've just downloaded the new Drums album and the new Bombay Bicycle Club album and I'm loving them, proper summer feel to them :)

Rachel xx


  1. I got the same tan pack too - looks really good, i'm a bit of a tan newbie to aprehensive of using it. The only fake tan i've used it fake bake. Will you be doing a review on it soon? xxx

  2. I might do a review in a little while! I'm a bit scared to use it, it looks really dark for me! x

  3. I love BBC's new album! (lol at BBC) and that jacket is great! x

  4. The jacket is just amaziing!

    style roulette

  5. I love cord, i'm going to have to get down to primarni! x hivenn

  6. I like this blog. Come and check out mine.

  7. nice pics , you have a lovely blog!
    loads of kisses!!!