So I've decided to mostly post about fashion and music. I will write about fashion trends and style, what I'm wearing, and generally stuff like that. Music, I'm basically just going to post stuff that I like listening to or new artists that I like, and this post is about the band Bon Iver.

Bon Iver is fronted by Justin Vernon and they are one of my favourite bands ever. I remember I started to listen to them the winter of my first year of uni and you know when you listen to an album and it reminds you of a season or a time because you repeated it over and over? Well yeah... Bon Iver - For Emma and his previous EP - Blood Bank were on repeat when it was snowy in the winter of 2009. Surprisingly I've never got bored of the music.

Then last month they came out with a self titled album after a 2 year wait!! And at first I couldn't really get into it because it was a little bit different from the other albums but now after listening it to it loads on the beach on holiday in Portugal, I loveeee it. Oh and I'm going to see them live in November!!!! This is my favourite song off the new album, its called Holocene...

P.S Is it only me who finds Justin Vernon unbelievably attractive??



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