At the moment I am loving the cross trend. I'm seeing them on t-shirts, shorts and jewellery. I bought a double cross ring from Urban Outfitters a while ago but it has turned bronze :| but anyway I do intend to get some sort of cross pendant necklace, it is a piece of jewellery that you could probably wear with anything. You can get some leopard print cross t-shirts from Urban Outfitters as well which I think look great. Below I've put a selection of my favourite photos of the cross trend in action.

In other news, I am currently in the middle of writing my cover letter and my CV for any magazine work experience or professional online blogging experience (or something along those lines!). I'm going into my last year of university now and it is pretty vital for me to get some work experience! Eek!

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  1. i'm in love with crosses too atm! Sounds strange but claire's accessories have some amazing cross things in currently! x

  2. I have a million crosses! I'm absolutely obsessed. I also have the Truly Madly Deeply tee from UO you're referring to. I think my favourite cross is my Erin Wasson x Low Luv one...It's so awesome!!

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    T & J



  3. I really love your inspirations <3

  4. I love your blog layout, and all these inspirational photos!

  5. proper obsessed crosses- you picked wicked pics.
    even gonna get a cross tattoo.

    J x