I remember the first time I got handed a LOOK Magazine, I was walking out of WHSmith and I got given your first ever issue for free!! When I read it I knew I would be buying it regularly from then on. It features everything I would love my blog to feature fashion & celebrity style inspiration wise. But before I start telling you why I belong on the front row of The Look Show in September, please listen to this song below, as it is Monday, and nowhere near the weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to feature a happy song to get your mood up - Check out the saucy 80's tash going on.

So where do I start? Well, I’m Rachel. I’m twenty years old and a final year media student. I have some goals for where I want my blog (and career) to go. However all I know for sure is that I love to inspire people with their outfit choices and I generally enjoy blogging and finding new trends and styles to feature within. I aim to make my blog the place to go for style inspirations. I aim to feature my outfits, celebs outfits and stylish trends that I think are in and put them in my blog for people to see and admire. Now for why I want to be blogging on the front row of The Look Show...

Put it this way, I would be extremely disappointed if I didn’t get this opportunity. Basically because I love trends, style, celebrity and everything in between and I feel like Fame Kills shows this. If I didn’t win I would literally be like the second guy in this...

That is actually how I cry... Moving on, on a serious note, I really do adore anything to do with clothes and new trends. I know my own style and I keep up to date with new trends via magazines such as Look (of course) and through Lookbook.nu and style.com plus many others. Sadly I don’t think I own a piece of expensive designer clothing (get the violins out) but to be honest, even if I was excessively rich, I don’t think I would be out of the high street shops.

So onto my blog. I basically started it because I felt I needed some achievement or something to put on my CV that showed I was committed and an avid fashion fan. But it is so much more now, I feel like it is definitely going somewhere in the future and hopefully LOOK will put me on the front row and give me this amazing opportunity. It would make me as happy as this, if not one hundred times more.

Just to top this entry off, I felt it was necessary to make a couple of little 'magazine' pages of why I should win this blogging competition and also some celeb style inspiration. Read it and hopefully it will convince you of how much I would love this chance to be blogging from the front row of The LOOK Show!!! I'm excited. Click the pictures for a bigger view!

Love Rachel x


  1. for Fashion Lovers :
    Lovvee your blog!
    Please comment and follow!
    thanks! xxx

  2. Ahahahaha! That video, and the dog are so funny! Or is it a person? It looks like it could be a person! Anyway! I think your entry is awesome! Love the magazine pages, they look great :) Congratulations on the top 20, and good luck for the final 5! : D