I've been routing around other blogs recently and getting a feel for what I like to see in blogs and I've come to the conclusion that I love seeing what people are wearing and buying. I think it definitely inspires me to buy something like that if I like what I see. So I took the plunge and photographed what I was wearing before (and after) I went shopping on a glorious and rare sunny day!

I came back with a few things which included a Sleeveless black faux leather jacket from Primark, I've been hunting for one of these for ages, I was tempted to buy one for about £50 a couple of months ago but I told myself I couldn't afford it! But now I've found one which looks just as good for £16! Yay!

I also picked up some tan mocassins also from Primark and some American flag print socks from Topshop that I could wear with boots. I said I would get some didn't I?! :)

Well I'm having a hard think of what to include in my Look Magazine competition blog post. I want it to be creative but also to show what my blog is all about and where I would like it to go in the future. Wish me luck!

P.S Sorry about the mirror took photos! I intend to get a place to take photos of my outfits soon or someone to take them if I decide to feature my outfits anymore! x

Cardigan - Primark (Small mens). Drop arm hole vest - Topshop. Necklace - Matalan, Lace Shorts - Topshop. Boots - Urban Outfitters.

Rachel x


  1. my favorite are your socks! xx

  2. Love the sleeveless jacket, its a beaut! Also love your outfit, you look lovely (: x

  3. great look!
    cute socks

  4. the vest and the socks are amazing. christ, i love your style!!!