I don't think denim will ever go out of style completely but I wanted to show you some cool ways to wear it. Personally I love high-waisted denim shorts in all sorts of colours! I have cream, light blue, dark blue and a black pair! Denim sleeveless jackets I also love at the moment as well. Below I've put some denim style inspirations that I think are awesome.

On another note, It is really sad to hear whats happening in London & other cities, with the pointless riots. Thankfully it hasn't hit my area as I live in a small town in the North, but it is disgusting to think idiotic people are rioting and destroying things they need and peoples homes. I hope it gets sorted out.

Rachel x

P.S STILL working on an idea for a blog post for the Look Magazine blogging competition!

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  1. I really love denim but to be really great I think it needs something special, like washed jeans or ripped jeans...

    I've heard what's going on in England, I think it's quite bizarre, hope the situation gets better soon !

  2. Love the guns and roses one !!