Sooo there is a Look magazine blogging competition and the prizes are immense! In the next week I'm going to work on a blog post for it so I can enter, hopefully it is creative/good enough to be considered to win. But as my blog is relatively new, I'm not sure it stands a good enough chance against some other more established blogs! But hey, it is worth a try! If you have any ideas of what my blog needs to give it a bit of a spark please let me know in the comments or via Twitter.

Well another style I'm loving at the moment is animal print, its been around and made its comeback this summer. I have seen loads of stuff in Topshop and a little bit of animal print here and there on the high street. I am searching for some budget leopard print wedged heels at the moment! It is a trend I'm loving right now. I found some gorgeous examples of how to wear animal print below...

Click the images for credit

Love Rachel xx


  1. Good luck working on your entry post- I don't think you should stress about being new to blogging, it's all about passion and creativity :) xxx

  2. For fashion lovers and you!
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  3. good luck on the competition. love your style and the silver studded leather jacket. FAB!

    follow me?
    although its not amazing like urs x