Tie dye clothing, I think its one of those things where you love it or hate it. Personally I love it. I recently bought a vintage tie dye t-shirt which I love.

We can hold onto the summer and team a tie dye t-shirt with some denim shorts or if were feeling more of the autumn coming on you could get some tie dye leggings with a plain tee or shirt with some shoe boots to finish off the look. I found some of my favourite tie dye looks and pieces below.

Finally, I've decided once a week I am going to post a photo that I've found of an amazing look/outfit and call the post 'LOOK OF THE WEEK'. (It will probably be tomorrow or Friday, this week) I think it will give my blog some consistence. Also I want to thank LOOK magazine again for putting me into their shortlist in their blogging competition. I can't even believe it! Wish me luck getting into the top 5!

I've found some tie dye stuff that you can buy, just click on the links below to see what I've found. I think they all look great!

Topshop leggings
Dip dye Levi Shorts from The Ragged Priest
Asos shorts

P.S The clothes I ordered have come in the post today (minus the boots) and I'm not really sure on them yet apart from the Urban Outfitters cross necklace. The Topshop jumpers are nice, but I can't decide, and the same for the burgundy leggings, they are nice but I'm a bit unsure!! Argh!

Click images for credit. x


  1. I love tie dye! I'm thinking of buying them Topshop leggings :)
    Ashleigh x

  2. Love tie dye on jeans and leggings but not so much on t shirts. I love the topshop leggings!

    Chelsea x

  3. i love tie dye! i've been seeing such great pieces that are tie dyed lately. i've been wanting to do my own as well. those are great picks you posted. good luck on your competition! :)

    Beneath the Glass